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New Assistant Minister

GCB are delighted to announce that following a successful application and interview Susannah Padiachy has accepted the role of Assistant Minister of Grace Church and Emmanuel. This is a very exciting appointment in the mission of these two churches, which will enable us to further our task of engaging with the community of Bath and spreading the gospel of Jesus.

The process to appoint an assistant minister began many months ago but, as with most things, was interrupted by the covid-19 outbreak.  The leadership of each church agreed to start the process again last month.  Our pastor, Michael, says: “I am personally very excited to be working with Susannah in this capacity. God has given her many and varied gifts, from which we all already benefit, and I look forward to seeing how He uses her in this new role”.

Please pray for Susannah, and for Padi and the family, as together they embark on significant change with Susannah in FT ministry.

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