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Lent Course ‘Seeing the Saviour’

At the turn of the century the National Gallery hosted an exhibition entitled ‘The Image of Christ: Seeing Salvation’ – the exhibition involved a wide variety of paintings that depicted Jesus, telling the story of how different generations in church history have ‘seen’ Jesus.

In our Lent Series this year we are following Luke’s account of the last days of Jesus earthly ministry – from the events in the Upper Room to his resurrection appearance on the Emmaus Road.

Each week we´ll be looking at a painting for us to reflect on prior to looking at a Bible passage.  In each case the artist has taken an event in the gospel and presented his own ‘interpretation’ of it. We’ll be posting a series short video with members of the church family who have an interest in art,  each time looking at the painting, considering questions such as 

How does the artist want us to see Jesus? How does this painting make you feel? Does it bring any other Bible truths / passages to mind etc. We hope you´ll find this an interesting way to engage with the Gospel accounts over Lent and will join us as we post the videos every Wednesday on our Youtube channel