So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. Corinthians 3.7


Vision and history of Grace Church Bath. aerial photograph


Grace Church Bath isn’t a break away, a splinter group or even a traditional Church plant! It is an exciting initiative supported by a whole spectrum of Bath Anglican Churches who saw that a Sunday afternoon service (supported by mid-week home group meetings) could genuinely cover new territory.

We wanted to offer a service time and format accessible to those who are involved in sport on Sunday mornings, as well as those whose shift patterns make an early start on Sunday morning impractical. We wanted a service that would appeal to those who are less familiar with church services or perhaps have never been to church before.

How it all began

The planning started back in 2018 when a handful of ordinary Christians were released from several congregations in and around Bath to focus on the potential need for this plant. 

At this stage the church idea had no name or venue, but through a series of tremendously encouraging and affirming circumstances, it seems that God was blessing the planning. 

From initially meeting around a kitchen table, to services in various living rooms, to our services held at 4.00 pm in Emmanuel Church, Apsley Road, we have tried really hard not to lose sight of our first desire: To introduce Jesus to people who don’t yet know him and to make better disciples of those who do.

Which brings us to today…

GCB has grown to be a church family made up of people of different ages, backgrounds, race, height, weight, fashion tastes (and fashion sense), sporting prowess, favourite football teams and tastes in music; but we share a sense of humour, an eagerness to study the Bible and the longing to become recognisably more like Jesus and to share him with this city.

GCB is part of the Church of England, doesn’t have parish boundaries and exists under the framework of a BMO (otherwise known as a Bishop’s Mission Order).  We are still working out exactly what all that means!