Ministry Trainee Vacancy

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Grace Church Bath are looking for a full-time ministry trainee to start in September 2021 to help us in God’s mission to the city of Bath. The role is initially for one year but could potentially be extended to two.

We planted GCB in April 2019, with the aim of providing a church family for people who find it difficult to be in church on a Sunday morning

For more information how to apply visit or see information

Take the Knee

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The Bible tells us that God hates all forms of oppression, prejudice, and injustice. It also depicts the day when people from every tribe, tongue, nation, and ethnicity will gather in heaven before the throne of God, united in praise. As a pastor, I aspire to the magnificent and rich cultural inclusivity of the heavenly church.

If we want an image that proves that heaven is not a place on earth, surely there is none as sobering as that of a white policeman kneeling for more than eight minutes on the neck of a black man.  The video footage, widely available online, shows George Floyd pleading for his life before becoming unconscious, and then suffocating to death. The officer shows no concern, the pleas of onlookers are ignored. It is an act of shocking brutality with the undeniable overtones of racism.

I have no doubt that this is a seminal moment in the battle against racism and that positive change will come. But let’s be clear, racism will not be eradicated. All of us who sense a duty to speak up against racism (and I hope that is all of us) are signing up for a lifelong effort.

Despite the depiction of Jesus, in many western cultures, as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white man, He was of course a person of colour. And our longing for justice, equality, reconciliation and freedom from the consequences of sin will only be fully satisfied in Him. The diversity of heaven in the future is built upon His unjust crucifixion in the past.

Taking a knee has become the symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement. Bowing the knee is also a posture of prayer before God. So, in unity with the victims of oppression, and in dependence upon the God of every nation, let each of us eagerly take a knee.


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New Assistant Minister

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GCB are delighted to announce that following a successful application and interview Susannah Padiachy has accepted the role of Assistant Minister of Grace Church and Emmanuel. This is a very exciting appointment in the mission of these two churches, which will enable us to further our task of engaging with the community of Bath and spreading the gospel of Jesus.

The process to appoint an assistant minister began many months ago but, as with most things, was interrupted by the covid-19 outbreak.  The leadership of each church agreed to start the process again last month.  Our pastor, Michael, says: “I am personally very excited to be working with Susannah in this capacity. God has given her many and varied gifts, from which we all already benefit, and I look forward to seeing how He uses her in this new role”.

Please pray for Susannah, and for Padi and the family, as together they embark on significant change with Susannah in FT ministry.

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